About Us

Jumpstart Ventures helps early stage technology companies achieve traction at critical inflection points. We offer advice on market and product strategy, supported with rapidly executed tactical marketing services. Our engagements typically last from three to five months.


Your Marketing SWAT Team

An inflection point can occur when your company is looking to achieve the next stage of growth, reposition to respond to dynamic market forces, or introduce a dramatically new product. Inflection points are marked by an exhilarating combination of opportunity and risk.

During these crucial transitional periods, we work closely with CEOs, VPs of Marketing and other executive staff to

  • evaluate market and product strategies in the context of the overall company strategy and market realities

  • define a go-to-market plan, including positioning, messaging, and a tactical marketing plan

  • support tactical execution, including the management of internal and external resources to achieve short term goals

Our value is in providing intensely focused assistance for just enough time to help you rapidly achieve your business objectives at an inflection point. Our clients describe us as a marketing SWAT team.



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