How We Work with You

We assign an Engagement Manager to spearhead our work for you. The Engagement Manager provides oversight and management of the entire project, working in close consultation with the CEO, VP of Marketing, and other key executives and stakeholders.

The Engagement Manager serves as the principal strategist and may also bring in other Jumpstart resources - advisors, reviewers, and analysts - to contribute specialized expertise to the development of the Strategy Blueprint.

Transferring our knowledge and processes for your long-term benefit is a priority.

When it is time to transition to rapid-fire tactical activity, we work with you to supplement your current staff with additional resources of the highest caliber. In every case, we will ensure that the transition of our work to your permanent staff occurs before we leave. Transferring our knowledge and processes for your long-term benefit is a priority for us.


Engagements Tailored to Your Needs

Because every client needs a different amount or type of help, we structure each engagement to meet your specific requirements.

If your company already has a well-developed product and market strategy, we'll rapidly validate the key assumptions before moving to the next phase of work. If you require additional work on up-front strategy or product competitive information, we can provide that as well.

Companies with extensive marketing resources may not require assistance with tactical execution; however, many of our clients retain us through the tactical phase to guarantee the consistency, quality, and accuracy of the execution as they launch to market.


Our fees are dependent on the scope and nature of each project, and we typically accept a combination of cash and equity.

We understand that any early-stage company has limited runway and must make careful decisions about budget. Whether your requirements span only a few weeks or several months, we will work with you to make the best possible use of your investment in our services.


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