Jumpstart Methodology

Our methodology is based on sound principles of market research, strategic planning, and tactical execution. This foundation underlies a flexible set of tools and activities that we apply in a customized way to each engagement.

We are focused on timely results, not academic theory. If a particular activity isn't relevant to your needs, we'll save you time and money by skipping it.

The following are some of the core elements of our approach:

Rapid iteration and testing 
Research mix
Focus on single point of entry
Strategic alignment
Flexible resource integration
Fast-track project management


Rapid Iteration and Testing

In the post-bubble economy, early-stage companies have to be especially nimble. Having limited runway means that you have to do less while doing it better. The faster you can focus your efforts, the more likely it is you will get traction before you run out of time. We have developed techniques for resolving key strategic issues quickly and accurately.

After an initial assessment, we rapidly iterate hypotheses that we test against your company's internal perspectives and external data. Our goal is to define a small set of key opportunities - fast. We bring the 80/20 rule to our research practices so that we can discard poor alternatives and concentrate on the strongest possibilities.


Research Mix

We rely on standard sources for external market data, including quantitative market summaries, qualitative analyses and analyst reviews. But we also are quick to tap into the mother lode of information a company already has at its disposal.

Interviews with executives, board members, "friends of the family" experts, and current customers often yield important insights into the core value of the technology offering and important market trends. We'll aggressively pursue the information we need, and are not afraid to tackle one-on-one interviews with analysts, press or anyone else who might have key information.


Focus on Single Point-of-Entry

When you have an exciting core technology, you see potential applications for it everywhere. One of the significant challenges of early-stage companies is selecting the right thing to focus on first.

The risk of not choosing a focus, or of not choosing well, is failing at everything. Too many activities, in too many channels, with too many products and too many messages, will dilute your efforts and push you farther away from the point of traction.

A well-chosen initial market opportunity will not only let you get traction quickly but will also represent a good leverage point for later expansion.

A hallmark of Jumpstart engagements is our process for defining the best possible targets for the initial point of entry to the market. We encourage our clients to establish market leadership at a single point of entry, then expand from there.


Strategic Alignment

The key to success for a market-driven technology company lies in the ability to align its resources, core competencies, and vision with its strategy for achieving market leadership.

Do you have the right kind of sales team to work the channels your products require? Does the product road map correlate with internal resource planning and market timing? We look for answers to these and related questions when we evaluate how ready your company is to pursue a given go-to-market strategy.


Flexible Resource Integration

Our clients represent a range of organizational size and maturity. Some companies have no internal marketing resources, whereas others are fully staffed for ongoing operational work.

We work flexibly to integrate teams of available internal resources, our own staff, and external agencies to provide an efficient, cost-effective solution for your projects.


Fast-Track Project Management

Because timing and coordination are critical for most of our engagements, we rely on fast-track project management techniques and regular progress checks with clients. Our Engagement Managers are skilled project managers as well as excellent strategists.

An important part of every project plan is the transition at the end of the engagement to permanent staff. We help clients without internal resources hire long-term staff, where that makes sense, and we do a comprehensive hand-off to existing staff in larger organizations.


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