Our Team

Our team of partners and associates draws from decades of combined business experience in almost every sector of the technology market, including enterprise and consumer software companies, hardware and component manufacturers, and companies offering Web-based services, including ASP software delivery and content plays. We have extensive experience with early stage companies and front-line understanding of the challenges of dynamic markets.

David M. Lasner 
Madeleine L. Butler  
Matt Connors
Nonna Alano  
Peter Massik  
Jocelyn Navidad  
Craig Olson  
Ata Rasekhi  
Lynn Stadler  
John Ware  

Jumpstart Network

Jumpstart has an extensive network of partners and affiliates that we call on to quickly and cost-effectively support time-sensitive client requirements. Our partners include PR firms, marketing communications companies, and web design and development shops.

In addition, our continuing interactions with analysts and press on behalf of our clients have resulted in a rich network of contacts for assessing markets, testing ideas, and generating visibility at launch time.



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